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Compact 60 (with Skip Hoist)

Containerized Compact Concrete Batching Plant with a Skip Hoist Aggregate Transfer System

Model : Compact 60 Concrete Batching Plant (with Skip Hoist)

Theoretical Production Capacity : 60 m³/h (30 seconds of mixing, C20 type of Concrete)*

Aggregate Storage Bins : 4 bins total 40 m³ storage capacity

Mixer Capacity : 1.0 m³ compacted Concrete per batch

Total Electrical Power: 90 kW , 50 Hz Frequency


*Technical changes can be made after the final examination of the engineering department.

SEMIX Compact type batching plants are designed for limited spaces. Our engineering team succeeded in installing a compact type batching plant into the undermining tunnel. Thanks to its design, SEMIX Compact Concrete Batching Plants can be fit into areas with minimal space requirements.

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