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Compact 30

Transportation have never been easier with SEMIX Compact 30 Concrete Batching Plants.

Model : Compact 30 Concrete Batching Plant

Theoretical Production Capacity : 30 m³/h (30 seconds of mixing, C20 type of Concrete)*

Aggregate Storage Bins : 4 bins total 32 m³ storage capacity

Mixer Capacity : 0.5 m³ compacted Concrete per batch

Total Electrical Power: 60 kW , 50 Hz Frequency


*Technical changes can be made after the final examination of the engineering department.

SEMIX Compact type batching plants are designed for limited spaces. Our engineering team succeeded to install compact type batching plant into undermine tunnel. Thanks to its' modular design, SEMIX Compact Concrete Batching Plants can fit very small areas.

SEMIX C30 Compact Concrete Batching plant is designed for overseas customers to decrease freight costs. It can be shipped with just one container.

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