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ReCycrete® (Screw Type Concrete Reclaimer)

The ReCycrete® (Screw Type Concrete Reclaimer) is a user-friendly and low-maintenance concrete recycling machine, capable of processing up to 10 cubic meters of wet concrete per hour.

A Simple Solution

ReCycrete® (Screw Type Concrete Reclaimer) is a machine that recycles the leftover wet concrete. It works by separating the aggregate and slurry water components of the wet concrete, thereby allowing the usage of the aggregate and water in the next concrete batches. The screw type wet concrete recycling unit is a popular choice for many businesses because it is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.

Two Optional Discharge Hoppers

Two Optional Discharge Chutes will allow the discharges of Concrete Mixers and Concrete Pumps at the same time

Concrete Recycling Capacity

Wet Concrete Recycling capacity can reach up to 10 cubic meters per hour.

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