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Concrete Recycler SMRC 15

Up to 20 m³/h capacity reclaim your washed aggregate and water.

Protecting The Environment

Nowadays, environmental impacts of concrete is getting an significant issue in the world. Concrete recycling is increasing in response to improved environmental awareness, legislation, and economic considerations.

Innovation Against Conventional Methods

Mostly, companies reuse hardened concrete after breaking and crushing processes. This process causes unexpected costs and uncertain materials for concrete production. Also, this method is now forbidden by law. 

Easiest Way To Recycle Of Concrete

Sand and gravel which is inside of residual concrete can be easily washed out by this system. Then it can be reused as aggregate for concrete production. Waste water can also be reused in production process. 


Only for the first step, recyling system need water for sand&gravel washing process, after the first washing process, system can be used waste water to wash sand&gravel

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