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4.0 m³ Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

6000/4000 liters of compacted concrete mixing capacity with a twin shaft mixing technology

Technical Details

Compacted Concrete Per Batch: 4.00 m³

Dry Volume: 6.0 m³

Motor Power: 2 x 75 kW

Maximum Grain Size : 60-75 mm

Mixing Blades & Wearing Plates

Mixing Blade : 

Ni-Hard 4 (Chrome, Nickel special alloy cast iron)

Stripping Blade : 

Ni-Hard 4 (Chrome, Nickel special alloy cast iron)

Internal Wearing : 

Ni-Hard 4 (Chrome, Nickel special alloy cast iron)

Ni-Hard 4 : 

In all SEMIX Concrete Mixers, Ni-Hard 4 alloys are being used in mixer blades. NiHard 4 is a high-strength cast iron alloy that contains 4% nickel and has a tensile strength of up to 1,200 MPa. The nickel in NiHard 4 creates a tough surface that resists abrasion, while the hardening agents make the alloy harder and more resistant to deformation. This structure is ideal for products under conditions of high abrasiveness and high impaction conditions. It is commonly used in applications that require high strength. NiHard 4 has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, which makes it ideal for use in high-temperature applications. NiHard 4 is a type of steel that is very strong and resistant to wear and tear. It is commonly used in industrial applications where durability is key.

Automatic Lubrication System

Lubrication : 8 Points Automatic Lubrication System SKF - LINCOLN (German)


The automatic lubrication system in concrete mixers works by using a pump to send oil to the different parts of the mixer that need it. The system is designed to keep the mixer functioning smoothly, and it also helps to protect the equipment from wear and tear.

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