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0.5 m³ Planetary Concrete Mixer

With its mixing star, this 500 liter planetary concrete mixer ensures the best homogeneity in your mix.

Technical Details

Compacted Concrete Per Batch: 0.5 m³

Dry Volume: 0.75 m³

Motor Power: 22 kW

Maximum Grain Size : 50-65 mm

Mixing Blades & Wearing Plates

Mixing Blade : 

Ni-Hard 4 (Chrome, Nickel special alloy cast iron)

Stripping Blade : 

Ni-Hard 4 (Chrome, Nickel special alloy cast iron)

Internal Wearing : 


Ni-Hard 4 : 

The blades in all of the SEMIX Concrete Mixers are made of Ni-Hard 4 alloys, which results in extremely tough and durable blades. NiHard4 is a white cast iron product with nickel and chromium alloying, to give a hard chromium carbide in a martensitic matrix. This sturdy and durable structure can withstand high levels of abrasion and impactions.

9PLPC03 Cobra (Italy) Gearbox

Number of rotating stars: 1

Number of blades for each star: 3

Star diameter: 940 ÷1240

Weight of the gearbox: 410 kg

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